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The Ritocoin Community

We believe that the best ideas are discovered when many voices are heard. We desire our community to be a vocal group of differing opinions where the best ideas can float to the top and be considered. We will remain open and receptive to differing ideas and be prepared to change even fundamental concepts in this project in response to those ideas and proposals.


Ritocoin Development

A key component of the project is fostering a development-oriented community. By setting aside coins from the block reward during the first year, we can offer bounties to give to community members for work they do.

This has already borne fruit with the development of the GPL-licensed ccminer for X21S, as well as improved compilation code, algorithm work, explorer code, an android wallet and website development.

We feel that the developer fund will continue to be a valuable tool to motivate the members of the community to invest their time and energy into this project during its early life.


Trade Ritocoin

Ritocoin is a community project without means to pay for exchange listings. We offer a program where exchanges can list Ritocoin for free as long as they communicate with us on discord and we see that the community supports the exchange.



Ritocoin is anti-ASIC, anti-FPGA and anti-NiceHash, and is committed to remaining a coin that is always available for mining by cryptocurrency hobbyists. We designed our X21S algorithm to be mined by GPUs only and we will further develop our hashing algorithm as advancements are made by the opposing forces.

Proven Algorithm

The cornerstone feature of our coin at launch is the new X21S algorithm, inspired by X22i and X16S. The hashing algorithm begins with 16 algorithms shuffled and hashed in the manner prescribed by X16S, followed by 5 additional hashing algorithms: haval256, tiger, lyra2, gost512, and sha256.

Smooth Curve Emission
Great Future

Starting at height 157,081 we began a reduction of block rewards in a smooth exponential curve down. We sharply reduced the block reward from 5000 down to 1000 within 2 months after activation of this schedule.

GPU Friendly
Lower cost, Higher rewards

The inclusion of lyra2 brings numerous advantages, making parallelization of the algorithm practically impossible, with each step relying on the previous step having already been computed. It is a “friendly” algorithm that makes GPUs produce much less heat and uses less electricity during mining.

RItocoin Official Wallets

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Privacy Policy

Road Map

The culture of Ritocoin is rapid software development and frequent releases of experimental features.

2018 Q4
  • 11/30 - Project Launch
  • 11/30 - List on Safe.Trade
  • 12/13 - White paper Version 1
  • 12/17 - Web wallet comes online
  • 12/18 - Insight explorer comes online
2019 Q1
  • 01/08 - Assets layers activated (block 50,000)
  • 01/16 - Free hash Friday with AIOMiner
  • 01/21 - Cratex exchange listing
  • 02/04 - Ritodev meeting about the new smooth curve block reward
  • 02/19 - Community fund wallet created
  • 02/21 - AMA
  • 03/01 - First community meeting
  • 03/03 - Asset explorer comes online
  • 03/13 - Android wallet
  • 03/19 - Start of block reduction reward (block 157,081)
  • 03/24 - can received TIP from BRAVE Browser
2019 Q2
  • 04/02 - Second community meeting
  • 05/03 - comes online
  • 05/20 - Vote for Cryptobridge listing started
  • 05/24 - Safepay wallet support for Ritocoin (android - ios)
  • 05/31 - Community Fund reaches 3 Million Rito
  • 06/05 - Cryptobridge listing
  • 06/07 - Website redesign bounty
  • 06/18 - Second phase of smooth curve block reward began (block 287725)
2019 Q3
Current State
  • Third Community Meeting
  • Vote on Projects and Implementation through use of Community Funds
  • CMC listing
  • Third Community Meeting
  • Vote on Projects and Implementation through use of Community Funds
  • CMC listing
  • Third Community Meeting
2019 Q4
Future Support
  • Hardware wallet support
  • Whitepaper v2
  • Second CMC exchange

Blockchain Details

  • Coin Symbol RITO
  • Start Date 30 November 2018
  • Algorithm X21S
  • Block Time 60 Seconds
  • Block Reward Smooth Curve Down
  • Development Fund 1% First Year
  • Difficulty Retargeting DGW-180
  • Premine None

Frequently Asked Questions

Ritocoin is an experimental digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Ritocoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. Managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.

There are plenty of ways to creating a secure wallet from paper to usb encryption. Please refer to our Wiki page for further details.

Please refer to our Wiki page about assets.

Send your rito to jdXVJPBcF4apQrQYFMNtnMGYqihvs8dbty or visit our Wiki page to learn more.

Meet the Community

Development Team

Lead Developer

Scotty is currently the lead developer for Ritocoin. He previously contributed a web wallet for Trezor owners and a Ritocoin asset explorer.

C++ Developer

dr-algo is our resident math wizard and experienced C++ developer.


Safe.Trade Exchange

Our partnership with SafeCoin provides us with bleeding edge updates on their exchange and app.

For answers to most all other questions, please refer to our Wiki.

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